June 10, 2015

This may be brief, but it will be light and happy, because we can all use some help with that sometimes, yes?

What makes you smile? I mean the little things, because those are the things that matter most. The things we should never let pass us by without notice. What makes you smile, always, every time you think of it, or see it? What gives you peace? The warm fuzzies? 

Some of mine:

The way his scent lingers on my skin long after he's gone.

The constant zen sound of an ocean, that taste of salt in the air, and a seagull's cry.

Wet between my toes.

That scent that lets you know it's going to rain.

His touch.

Fresh cut grass.

The crunch of leaves in fall and the first whiff of a fireplace.

Dragonflies hovering.

Whispers in my ear.

Loki cuddles.

The perfect pizza.

THAT text.

The moon on the water, reflected as full and pregnant in the sky...

While sitting on a park bench, under an arm.

Make your lists. Add constantly. This is just a sample of mine. It grows as I think of old things, and notice new things and how they make me feel.


What to do when...aka (deep breath, be brave, S).

May 26, 2015

What do you do when you feel…well, you can’t even describe what you feel, not adequately. How can people help when it appears to them you don’t want their help, or can’t tell them how to help, or they don’t know what to do, regardless?

Sometimes help is simply about listening. Being. Platitudes may serve to stoke resentment and more depression, cause a person to think their feelings are dismissed, even when that isn’t the intention. They hurt, because out there, in the wide world, ...

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You are what you write. Sort of.

April 20, 2015

A quick post with a few thoughts...

Are writers present in their characters?

Of course they are. Even the authors who say they aren't. Even in the nastiest, most-opposite-of-you character. The reason is simple: they are written through our filter of the world. Our POV.  Some characters have more of us in them than others, and I'm sure you can have many discussions on all of the reasons.

Are writers present in their narratives? 

Well of course. Even in non-fiction, no matter how unbiased, once aga...

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A word on derivatives

December 30, 2014

Fan-fiction. It used to be a very secretive topic. Taboo, for most. Divisive. It is still these things for some, though these days, people are far more open about it. Heck, some have even been published after first writing derivative fiction.

But I'm not here to talk about the legalities (as there are laws in place when it crosses a line) or whether it's morally right or wrong. And of course, any author has every right to dislike it, and take legal action when it crosses a line. They have ever...

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You look constipated, AKA, lighten up.

December 9, 2014

For the three or so of you that have been reading, this blog will fit into a theme that I am still exploring in different forms, and have been for a few posts. For the one new person that might come along, hey! I hope you can relate.

It's that time of year, where some are depressed, some are trying to enjoy it, and some are just plain Scrooges. Many people do have a reason to feel sad about now, but I think that makes this all the more important...

 What I wonder, is how many honestly feel curm...

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Negative naggies

November 5, 2014

Yes, I just made that up: naggies. It suits them well. I'm not speaking of other people, but our own thoughts. Our own little voice that we are told to listen to. But sometimes not. Because sometimes it's a damned negative, nagging, nincompoop. It leaves behind these ninja bombs sometimes, too. The ones you don't immediately notice, not until later when BOOM, they go off in a cloud of blackness.

Now, I'm not saying to ignore your gut instincts. I don't necessarily think our guts use that littl...

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That's a good question...

October 28, 2014

I'm sitting here, eating entirely too many potato chips, thinking wow; I should blog. I then say, "Oh yeah, about what?? I have nothing to say."

But then again, I do, don't I? Though it's just bits and streams and nonsense, perhaps. Things you don't care to read...perhaps.

This then reminds me that I haven't touched one of my WIPs (novels) for...ehem. I shall not say. 

I need a kick in the butt. A shove. Someone yell at me. Tell me I can do it. Tell me what evil shall befall me if I don't. Where...

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July 17, 2014

I debated mentioning this yet, but it would seem I am going ahead with a few things I've been mulling over. Not only that, it's been some time since I updated, I know.

So some news, all wrapped up in one tidy blog post;

Anatomy of Darkness is to have a European release, no doubt with new cover, February-ish. If this changes, I shall inform you all.

Paris Immortal, the series, is coming back home to me. In other words, I believe I will be obtaining all the rights to it very soon. This will likely...

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Brain dump (aka Keys to the Kingdom)

May 8, 2014

I'm sitting here, mind wandering as it often does- particularly when I've decided I need to be doing something- and it got stuck on a loop of what it means to be a creative person. The frustrations we must all have in common.

Such as this issue: what is in your head is not what always comes out through your fingers. It's never quite this enough, that enough, ___ enough. Even when other people say it's great, part of you always thinks well, thanks but if only...

Of course you really shouldn't sa...

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Be the change you wish to see in the world.

April 1, 2014

A quote often attributed to Gandhi. Except that he didn't. Say it, that is. Yet, I would argue that it sums up several other things that he did say, which is, I'm certain, how this came to be attributed to him.

Now to the point, and the reason I chose this phrase. I just realized also that this post will go well with the one previous, where I speak of words having meaning.

I posted something a few moments ago on my Facebook author page, then was going on in a similar vein in a comment thread, a...

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Posted by Sherry Roit on Monday, February 22, 2016 In : Writing 

It's a scent
           a sigh
A caught breath when finger brushes thigh

The very thought of you
  sound of you
  sight of you

You're an idea 
A constant presence
You're an ache never cured
  a longing
  an itch

Scratch Scratch
leaving trenches
Still not satiated, just left bloody

It's maddening
    you're madness

...sanity's overrated.

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For R

Posted by Sherry Roit on Wednesday, February 17, 2016 In : Writing 

I don't know all the reasons I am
who I am

I only know I'm human and do the
best I can

Certainly, I've not meant to make you 
feel less-than

If I had, believe you me, there'd be
no question

Is an apology worth the words if I'm
not sure why

Something I have never wanted is for life to
be a lie

So just know, from the bottom and middle
of my heart

I thank you for the patience you've shown me
from the start

Know that I love you more than any 
words will tell

And that a world without you would be my
version of hell....

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Unsolicited advice. <3

Posted by Sherry Roit on Monday, February 15, 2016 In : opinion piece 

Money. Still the number one relationship killer. I have a tip.

Keep a minimum of three bank accounts. (Or don't ever get a joint account in the first place.)


You pay into the joint account for shared expenses (rent, utilities and so on) and then you have your own money. You then agree, and must STICK by this agreement, that what the other person does with their personal account, is not your concern. No matter how frivolous it seems. Do I really need to say that no advice in ...

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In the moment.

Posted by Sherry Roit on Friday, July 17, 2015 In : Personal 

Sitting in the sun on 'our' bench letting thoughts stream. I wonder if I can come up with a blog post. I wonder if I can let go of some things and just be. Be free to feel. Oh, I feel, but to feel all the time without the baggage of thoughts -- specifically doubts!

Is feeling all the time too much? I don't really think so. It's the conditions we place on the feeling that fuck us up. Thinking too hard.

Does everything happen for a reason, is there a reason for everything? In the most literal sen...

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Posted by Sherry Roit on Monday, June 29, 2015 In : Personal 

This is the 4th time I've written this. It keeps being eaten, or the last one didn't post. Is it a sign, or just pissing me off? I don't know. I HAVE TO GET THIS OUT.

I lost my fur babies today.

Strange phrase. It's because we hate saying the awful truth. I know where they are. Lost implies that they will return. Could be found.

They died. Cold hard truth.

I found Pai Pai this morning after I got up. He looked asleep. It took me a while to realize he wasn't. He'd not followed me into the bathroom...

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